We thought it was inches, but it was actually feet. Want a huge painting?

If you think you know your significant other, it’s probably a good idea to be prepared to be surprised at some point.

I just discovered my wife has become addicted to local online auctions.

This is a woman so picky she spends forever sorting through a pile of fruit and vegetables at the store until she’s found just the right one so, it was hard to believe she would get into bidding wars over someone else’s used stuff. She’s fascinated with bidding on items she has no real clue about … especially if the price is under $10

Recently, she bid on a couple of items and won two. A set of Disney figurines and a framed print. When she went to pick up the figurines, she discovered one of them was missing a leg and the other had some paint chips.

Had she read the details in the description, she would have seen that and I assume would not have bid on them.

As for the framed print, she explained that she did a quick search and found the “artist” online with some of her work priced upwards of $200 so she couldn’t pass it up for $6.50.

The next day, she went to pick it up and discovered it was much larger than she thought. It wouldn't fit in her car. She doesn’t really grasp the concept of measurement unless it concerns my hanging a drape or other wall enhancement. Again, had she read the details on the description, she would have known just how large it was. She must have thought it was inches... not feet. She asked me to pick it up.

The next day I arrive at the pick-up location, a warehouse off the beaten path, hand the woman the receipt and she points to a huge, museum sized framed print leaning against a wall. I put on my best game face, thank the person and then proceed to struggle to put this “masterpiece” in the back of my Chevy. Thankfully there were a couple of guys who helped and after much calculation. We got it in the back of the Blazer.

It wouldn’t have been such a bad thing except, the print is nothing that will fit in our home, size or theme. The subject matter is a French flag inside the Arc d’ Triumphe So I'm hoping someone that owns a French restaurant will read this and want it. DM me.

The moral of the tale, never assume you know what your mate will or won’t do. Be prepared to be amazed and sometimes surprised at who your sweetie turns into seemingly overnight. And be prepared to rescue them when their new hobby turns into work for you.

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