Todrick Hall Speaks Out About Mistakes And Being Human On Haus Party Tour

You may have noticed Todrick Hall's star is brighter than ever as he's on his Haus Party Tour hitting dozens of cities across the country bringing his brand of sass directly to his fans. He's also had a bit of a hard week on social media.

Todrick took a few moments out of his super busy tour schedule to talk with me about his tour, new album, and what it's like to live life in the spotlight. As a self-made artist in almost every way, Todrick is probably his own worst critic telling me "there's been a lot of mistakes I've made, a lot of mistakes, and I have not had the guidance that I wish I would have had but I have no regrets because I've learned so many things."

Taking a look at Todrick's body of work from his earliest videos on YouTube just singing to the camera, to the hilarious parody videos that broke through, to his slickly produced full-scale music videos today, you'd never realize he's almost entirely self-taught. "I quickly realized in LA when I got there for me to not be starving and to be able to survive I was going to have to a lot of the work myself," says Hall. He continues, "I figured out all of these things that I probably would've learned if I'd gone to film school, on my own."

Todrick went on to say he learns more from every person he works with, especially from the likes of Taylor Swift, Tiffany Haddish and even Jimmy Kimmel. The glamorous life seems amazing, but sometimes it's not all rosy.

"It's a crazy thing about a human being that we can read 1,000, 100,000, a million great comments about oursevles but the one bad comment sticks out and it almost feels like it's multiplied by 10 million," says Todrick when asked about how he manages negativity online, specifically: "This week has been a very, you know, rough week for me online, but I go out on stage every day and the fans that are with me they know the truth without me even without having to tell them. They know my heart. They know my moral and ethic compass."

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