UNLEASHED LGBTQ: PA Rep Brian Sims Talks To Houston About LGBTQ + Politics

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims is the first out LGBTQ member of the Pennsylvania Legislature. He's faced an uphill battle over the last decade to become a leading LGBTQ advocate across the state of PA and the nation. From the original 'photo that broke the internet' in his crop-top football uniform to his groundbreaking campaign to become Pennsylvania's next Lieutenant Governor, Brian Sims has never let adversity stand in his way... and for many critics, that's because his white privilege has allowed for it.

As Brian tells me in our interview, he aims to use his privilege to lift up other voices. "For those of us who were...privileged enough to have environments that were supportive, it's even more of a calling for us to make sure that those people who don't have that same environment have our support."

You can hear our entire conversation below. You can also register for free to attend Unleashed LGBTQ to attend Brian's keynote. The virtual event runs March 25-27.


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