American Woman Third Person To Be Cured From HIV

A blood sample being held with a row of human samples for analytical testing including blood, urine, chemistry, proteins, anticoagulants and HIV in lab

Photo: Getty Images

In a groundbreaking announcement today, an American woman has become the third person possibly cured of HIV using a new method that involves a transplant of umbilical cord blood. Dr. Fauci speaking with Community Health Center, Inc, is careful to point out that while this novel approach may have cured this woman's infection with HIV, it's important to note that she had an underlying cause that was being treated and had a bonus effect of possibly curing her of her HIV infection. Researchers are hopeful that this discovery will lead to curing more people from HIV in the future. Much more work remains to be done.

You can see Dr. Fauci's discussion about this breakthrough below.

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