WATCH: Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Rebooted on Disney+

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Nintendo Game Box

Photo: Jerry Houston

Disney+ just dropped a trailer for a reboot of one of my all-time favorite cartoons as a kid: Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers! It was part of the "Disney Afternoon" block of cartoons along with Duck Tales, Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck... but Chip 'N Dale was always my secret fave. Chip 'N Dale return in their Indiana Jones meets Simon & Simon outfits along with all their Rescue Rangers pals for a new adventure set in modern times... and this look into their story via a fake "Real Hollywood Story" montage sets up what happens to childhood heroes when they're put through the Hollywood machine.

Take a look at the trailer below and get ready to see it May 20th on Disney+! If you need a refresher on Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, check out the fully-restored HD versions that are now streaming on Disney+!

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