Shawn Mendes Wants You To Know He's Still Straight

For the last 5 years, Shawn Mendes has dodged/dealt with rumors about his sexuality. People have poked fun at every feminine looking/sounding tendency he's exhibited, and he addressed it once (poorly) on Snapchat, but is doing so again in the new issue of Rolling Stone. He's basically said it really effects his anxiety and makes him second guess everything blah blah blah. I'm sorry, shut up. "It's so hard having millions and any woman or man I want blah." If anything, I think this (piggy backing off of the Dwight Howard business that came out this weekend) will help further the conversation on how fragile masculinity is and how cis straight men still have a bit of evolving to do in terms of where they place their sense of self worth and "masculinity" and what they allow to obliterate that. But read more on Shawn here.

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