Shane Dawson Engaged to Fellow Youtuber Ryland Adams

If you've been hearing more about Youtuber Shane Dawson this week than you have in your entire life I'm... sorry. Earlier this week, old audio surfaced from a podcast where Shane flexed his "dark, twisted" sense of humor and talked about the time he dry humped his cat to completion. His fans explained that that was his UBER COMPLEX, DARK, TWISTED way of describing the last time he had any p***y. Everyone else wasn't quite buying that.

But what do you do when you're the comedic genius of our time and everyone thinks you're just another talent-less Youtuber that humped their cat? Propose to your equally annoying boyfriend to distract them! Shane dropped down on both knees (I-) and asked his boyfriend Ryland if he would do him the honor of being his lawfully wedded deflection. Romance.. it can't be dead if you never knew what it was.

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