Lee Daniels: "Entire Cast of 'Empire' Upset"

Lee Daniels took us on the journey of him brushing his teeth this morning to check in and let us know where his and the cast of Empire's heads are at with everything going on with Jussie Smollett right now. Understandably so, they are angry, confused, hurt, depressed.

I'm trying to think about it in terms of the station. If Johnny, or Rae or Brian or anybody else got busted doing some Jussie Smollett type shenanigans, I don't really think I would be that upset. I mean, I would be upset that a friend felt the need to go to those lengths for whatever purpose, but in terms of me and my position I don't think I'd be upset.

Taraji P. Henson has been in at least a million movies in the last two years alone it feels like, so I can't imagine she's too terribly concerned about her future. And as far as the show, this is the most I've heard anyone talk about it in forever. So if they play their cards right, they could make this a Renaissance period of sorts if they wanted. Are you still watching?

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