Kylie Jenner Defends "Self-Made" Billionaire Status

Kylie Jenner is doubling down in her new sit down with Interview magazine, defending her status as the "youngest self-made" billionaire. Kyle says she hasn't received a dime from her family since she was 15 and used her own resources to start her company.

Kylie, dear, how do you think you had the resources to "go it alone?" YOUR FAMILY! I've said it before, plenty of people can have all of the wealth and resources backing them and do nothing with it. So I do think it's commendable that she applied herself and did what she's done with her name. But it's all built on just that, her name. And that's what people are hung up on. Arguing it just shows that you and your family are just as hard headed as people perceive you to be. Whether it's allowing a man to make a fool out of you publicly despite what everyone else says, or claiming titles that don't fit you're actual story line. Be better than that.

You can check out more of what Kylie had to say, plus see more pics from her spread (she looks gorgeous) here!

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