Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Is Obsessed With Chris Martin: 'He's Beautiful'


A girl knows what she likes. 

While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Clarkson dished about her four-year-old daughter River Rose's obsession with Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin

“My daughter is obsessed currently… with Chris Martin,” Kelly said. “She’s in love with him.” “And when I say obsessed, I mean the boy from the video, not Chris Martin now,” she clarified. "She doesn’t understand that he’s not the boy in the ‘Yellow’ video, like when he first came out years ago.”

Like all crushes, River's began with a bedtime song sung by her Grammy-award winning mother. Kelly said River asked her one night to ‘Sing a song about stars.’ I started singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.’ She was like, ‘Boring,'” Kelly recalled to Jimmy. “She said, ‘Another song about stars.’ So the only one I could think of was [‘Yellow’]. So I started singing that, and now she’s obsessed with it. She watches the video every night before bed.” 

Kelly then imitated how River watches the video, as she made cute faces and pretended to adoringly stare at her a phone screen. "It’s weird and scary foreshadowing,” the "Because of You" singer joked, adding, “I’m like, ‘You need to slow your roll!’“

“She’s going to be slightly disappointed if she ever meets him because he’s older than the boy in the video,” Kelly added while laughing, before saying, “Did I just insult Chris Martin? He’s a very sexy man!”

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Kelly first tweeted about River's love for Chris back in August. “So my daughter wants to marry Chris Martin and is obsessed with his song ‘Yellow,'" she wrote on Twitter. "She wants to marry the boy in the video, which I have informed her he is not a boy anymore and has kids older than her but she will have none of it, she is determined.”

“I like him, and he’s beautiful,” River told her mom in the Tweet's accompanying video. “I like his song, and I wanna kiss him.” Kelly then replied, “You wanna kiss him? You can’t kiss him!” After River sang a snippet of “Yellow," the Grammy-award winning singer said: “I love that you love Chris Martin. You have good taste.”

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