LGBTQ Resources

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Coming out or identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community is an intensely personal journey that is easy for some and difficult for others. If you or someone you love are working their way through the coming out process, we've put together this list of resources to help you.

  • CDC LGBTQ Youth Resources - use this page to find links to many important services for LGBTQ+ youth to utilize to find positive environments.
  • The Trevor Project - dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ youth, these resources can be used to chat with a team of supportive counselors free of charge.
  • GLAAD - working to rewrite the script for LGBTQ+ acceptance, this organization has compiled a near-complete list of resources for all age groups and situations.
  • Matthew Shepard Foundation - amplifying the story of Matthew Shepard for over 20 years to inspire and educate.
  • Human Rights Campaign - dedicated to fightings for the rights of all LGBTQ+ individuals, this page has resources specifically for the youth in our community.
  • PFLAG - resources if you're the parent of a child who is beginning a journey of coming out, or you are looking for more ways to support your LGBTQ+ child.

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