Lizzo Twerks In A Monster's Face To Survive Scary Haunted House On 'Ellen'

Lizzo, in her own words, was "100% that scary a** b*tch" while taking on Ellen Degeneres' annual haunted house challenge.

While accompanied by Ellen producer "Average Andy," the "Truth Hurts" singer hilariously made her way through a haunted house at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights.

The pair started off pretty optimistically, with Lizzo proclaiming, “We’re about to rock this b**ch," as they waited to enter the haunted house. However, before the two could even get inside they were already screaming and hollering as the haunted house scares kicked off before they walked through the door.

Once inside, Lizzo laid down the law telling Andy "don't be f**king behind me, bro," as he held on to her for dear life. Unfortunately for them, thankfully for us, things kinda went downhill from there, in the funniest way, of course, as more terrors ensued.

While they crept through the dark hallway, the twosome screamed and yelled expletives as creatures jumped out at them. At one point Lizzo even twerked in a monster's face, yelling "get yo a** out the way" over and over again!

As for Andy, well, he lost a tooth during the ordeal, which concluded with Lizzo running out of the haunted house to try to escape. However, she fell out of the exit as the last monster hopped out to scare her. "My weave," she exclaimed while on the floor.

Lizzo reacted to her Haunted House experience on Twitter Friday (November 1), writing, "It looks waaaay less scary than it was... don’t get it twisted... w/out that light it was a nightmare 😩."

Photo: Getty Images

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