Bishop Briggs Teams Up With Moby Rich For New Song 'Friends*'

On Thursday (June 24), Bishop Briggs and Moby Rich released their collab “Friends*” along with the song's accompanying music video. 

The song explores a feeling we've probably all been through: realizing you want to be more than friends with someone. “I hate that I want to be more than friends/ More than friends (More than)/ I hate that I want to be more than friends,” Briggs sings in the song's chorus.

The video portrays the lyrics in a wholesome video, that's perfect for Pride Month, following a late night and a texting conversation between two friends that leads to one of the character's expressing his feelings for his friend. The video also weaves in a beautiful animated scene that really encompasses the chaos of unrequited love.

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster. From not knowing how to convey how you feel to second guessing every little thing you say over text. We’ve all been there and know the gut-wrenching anxiety that comes with it,” Moby Rich told Flood Magazine. “So, we wanted to show that experience and how we all navigate it within our minds and the fantasies that arise when thinking about being more than friends with a friend.”

Briggs added: “I loved the idea of including the anxiety around texting, as well as the far-fetched fantasies that can arise during this frustrating period. But we felt it was important to include that secretly hopeful feeling of ‘anything can happen’ in not only the song, but also the music video.”

The video ends on a cliff hanger making fans beg for a follow-up video — check it out above.

Photo: Getty Images