Kermit Celebrates Pride Month With Special Message About 'Loving Yourself'

After Sesame Street shared a post in honor of Pride Month, The Muppets took their messaging a step further as part of iHeartMedia and Procter & Gamble's "Can't Cancel Pride: Helping LGBTQ+ People In Need" on Thursday night (June 25).

Halfway through the virtual benefit, Kermit the Frog appeared on-screen to introduce a performance by Ricky Martin and Carla Morrison. However, it was his opening that truly caught wind as the character broke down the message of free love. “I love green. Okay, I know. That is not a big surprise. After all, it's who I am and as the saying goes, I was born this way," Kermit told viewers. "I mostly love green because it can be about so many other things like the Earth and nature and being naturally who you are. To me, it also means loving yourself, loving your family and loving who you wanna love."

Kermit went on to speak about two different kinds of families. "As you can probably tell, I come from a family of frogs and I love them. But once I dropped my tail and grew up, I found another family to love: The Muppets," he continued. "We're all very different pigs, bears and chickens and whatever, but what matters is that we love and care for each other and that's what makes us family."

After sharing his thoughts, the Sesame Street staple introduced Martin, who has a family of four, alongside his husband, Jwan Yosef. "He and his husband have four tadpoles, er, four kids of their own,” Kermit told viewers, before the Latin heartthrob appeared on-screen to sing "Recuerdo," his new duet with Morrison.

"The love I feel as a father, the love I feel as a husband, as a son, the love for Puerto Rico, the love for my community and the love for all those incredible, incredibly strong men and women who fought for us way before us, who fought for our fights, Today, my music, my thoughts is only for them. Wherever you are, I love you,” Martin told fans at the top of the pop ballad. Among the other performers who appeared in the virtual benefit include Katy Perry, Kim Petras and Sia. Funds from the all-star benefit went to the National Black Justice Coalition, GLAAD, SAGE, The Trevor Project, CenterLink and OutRight Action International.

Photo: iHeartRadio