Katy Perry Discovers She & Taylor Swift Might Be Cousins

Katy Perry made a shocking familial discovery about Taylor Swift!

Speaking about her new single “Smile” in a recent interview, the “Daisies” singer-songwriter was presented with an insane (albeit heavily-researched) fan theory suggesting she and her former frenemy may be distant relatives. "I read somewhere that your baby might have a very famous aunt. Apparently, you and Taylor Swift are ninth cousins,” the interviewer told Perry.

“Well, we fight like cousins,” the musician quipped back, alluding to her past rivalry with Swift during their “Bad Blood” feud.

Although Perry admits she doesn’t know much about genealogy tests, she simply ruled out the theory as purely “fan fic.” However, Perry was shook when the interviewer explained that a fan actually put together a pretty convincing theory on the family history website, My Heritage, implying the connection may be real.

"Wow, I'm gonna have to ask her if this true, or if we should, like, get blood tests together…It's cool because you can just, like, spit in a tube,” said the pregnant superstar, who is expecting her first child, a daughter, with fiance Orlando Bloom sometime this summer.

As fans know, Perry and Swift officially made amends last summer when they hugged it out together in the 30-year-old’s music video for “You Need to Calm Down.” Since then, Perry has been dropping subtle hints suggesting the pair may sing a duet together in the future — presumably on her upcoming album, Smile.

The mysterious family connection comes just hours after Perry debuted the title track from her sixth studio album on Friday (July 10). Speaking about the title of her LP in the same interview, Perry explained she named her record Smile “because it's as simple as the fact that I had lost my smile and couldn't get it back. And I got it back, obviously...It's just a simple emotional, physical signal that speaks volumes and so it really is the definition of the journey that I had to go through."

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