Katy Perry Says Kanye West's Presidency Could Be 'A Little Wild'

Jamie Foxx isn't the only celebrity to go public with opposition for Kanye West's bid for the White House. Katy Perry also wants someone in the Oval Office with just a smidge more experience.

Perry spoke about the controversial headline during a virtual interview with the U.K.'s Hits Radio on Friday (July 10), admitting that the role of POTUS is best suited for someone with thorough experience. "I think, you know, what we’ve learned looking back is that the presidential job is best suited for someone with experience and that is a pro in their field," the pop star said when asked about West. "I think we have seen and learned from experience that when we don't have pros in position, that it can get a little wild."

Nonetheless, Perry, who worked with the rapper on her 2010 remix to "E.T.," had nothing but amazing things to say about his artistry. "I love Kanye," she declared. "He is amazing. I just, you know, I love him as an artist. And I think he’s an incredible disrupter as an artist and a conversation-maker as an artist. And that’s what I love the most about him."

While 'Ye has his eyes on the White House, it doesn’t appear that the entire Kardashian clan support all of the sentiments in his most recent Forbes interview, where he announced his severed ties with President Donald Trump and came out as being pro-life, anti-Planned Parenthood and as an anti-vaxxer. "The family is supportive of Kanye’s plan to run for president but they don’t agree with his recent interview," the source continued, adding that Kim is one of the people that don't necessarily see eye-to-eye with Kanye. "Kim will always support Kanye, but she doesn’t have to always agree with him, and that’s what makes their relationship special."

Photo: Getty Images