Tucker Beathard Introduces Fans To His Two-Year-Old Daughter

Tucker Beathard Introduces Fans To His Two-Year-Old Daughter

In a social media post on Monday evening (July 13), Tucker Beathard opened up to fans about an important piece of his personal life. The country singer revealed that he is a father to a 2-year-old daughter named Sage.

"I don’t usually like posting a lot of real personal life things...but I wanna share this part of my life and testimony that most ppl probly don’t know," Beathard began. "In November of 2017 I was 22 years old, couldn’t have been more stressed and overwhelmed trying to get out of a record deal, and trying to figure out my personal life and my career. Nothin made sense. Then, right when I thought things couldn’t get more overwhelming or more stressful I got a call saying that I was going to be having a kid all the way out in Seattle Washington."

"To say I was scared is an understatement," he continued. "It seemed like everything was kinda falling apart around me….I hit my breaking point and didn’t know what else to do other than finally surrender to Jesus Christ and ask him to meet me where I was and to take over my life….. and that’s exactly what He did."

"He grew me in ways I could’ve never imagined. He took all the messes I felt I was drowning in and did exactly what Romans 8:28 says he does. And more than anything , he took what I thought was 'the last thing I needed in my life' and instead, on 7/13/18, gave me the greatest blessing I could possibly ask for by bringing this little girl into my life."

He concluded his message wishing his daughter a happy birthday writing, "Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful daughter Sage…Now I just pray she doesn’t raise as much hell I as I did growing up."

Beathard is the son of hit country songwriter Casey Beathard and his wife Susan. His older brother CJ Beathard is a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

In December, Beathard's younger brother Clayton Beathard died after he was stabbed outside of a Midtown Nashville bar. Last month, the man accused of killing Clayton and one of his friends, Paul Trapeni II was indicted on murder, attempted murder and assault charges by a Nashville grand jury.

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