5 Scientific Mind Hacks to Eat Less For Weight Loss

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If you are on a constant search of ways to help you get your weight under control try a few of these tips compiled by eating experts all designed to help you cut calories, lose weight fast, and enjoy your meals more.

  1. SLEEP MORE- Sleep may not seem like a trait that is aligned with eating and weight loss but it actually plays a major role. "Staying up late affects sleep patterns. Missing one hour of sleep can make you hungrier the next day," says Susan Albers, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and author of Eating Mindfully.
  2. EAT OFF YOUR FEET- Sitting down to enjoy meals is recommended by Dr. Albers as well. People who participated in a recent study ate 5% more while walking around than sitting. Sitting at the table helps you maintain your focus on portions as well as what you are consuming.
  3. DINE LIKE ROYALTY- Bust out the fine china or at the very least a porcelain plate. Eating off actual dinner plates make your mind think "meal" rather than a paper plate which could signal "snack." Considering most people overeat while snacking this little trick could also help curb your overeating.
  4. PACE DON'T RACE- Slow down and eat your food. Take small bites and chew your food several times
  5. SWITCH IT UP- "Research shows that people consume 30 percent less food when they eat with the opposite hand. Although this may seem awkward the benefit may outweigh the strange feeling.

Do you have any tips or apps that have helped you lose weight?