Oreo's 'Proud Parent' Film Is Exactly What We Want To See On Spirit Day

In honor of a year-long initiative called #ProudParent, as well as Spirit Day 2020, OREO and PFLAG teamed up to show their alliance to the LGBTQ+ community with a new short film called Proud Parent.

The new three-minute film, which was made by members of the LGBTQ+ community and features a real-life couple, explores the relationship between Jen and Amy as the former takes her partner home for the first time. To showcase the importance of family, love and affirmation, it emphasizes the ways in which parents can support and discourage their child from embracing life with a partner. Viewers watch as Jen's father fails to welcome Amy with open arms, despite amicable engagement. However, the sentiment changes after he sees his daughter happily in love and extends an olive branch to the couple at the end of the film. While Spirit Day is centered around taking a stand against LGBTQ+ bullying, it's safe to say that youth can experience that kind of intimidation outside their school hallways, too. Proud Parent shines light on the power that love and acceptance have at home.

Kathy Godwin, President of the Board of PFLAG National, spoke to iHeartRadio about the film, sharing her own personal ties to its narrative. "When my son came out as gay, he was attending a parochial school in a conservative town," she explained. "As a parent, it was and is so important to show that we love him unconditionally, not just inside our house, but, with his permission and safety in mind, in the community, too. When you can be out as an ally, it's not just your own kid who benefits from that love and affirmation; other LGBTQ+ people do, too. The PROUD PARENT film gets that message right and is part of what makes PFLAG's partnership with OREO so sweet."

As for OREO's involvement, Justin Parnell, who serves as Senior Director for the brand, explained how the brand backs the mission statement of the film. "OREO believes that a loving world starts with a loving home. We are excited to continue building on our partnership with PFLAG National and encourage active allyship, with the launch of our new film, Proud Parent, this October," he said. "We hope this film is relatable to families of all kinds and, combined with the other elements of the #ProudParent platform, inspires a new wave of support from proud parents and LGBTQ+ allies."

In addition to the film, OREO has created limited edition #ProudParents packs of their cookies featuring rainbow colored creme to display their alliance. For more information on Spirit Day 2020, which has the backing from Cher, Kerry Washington and more, head on over to GLAAD's official website for ways that you can participate in the world’s largest and most visible LGBTQ+ anti-bullying campaign!

Photo: YouTube/OREO Cookie