Billie Eilish Fans Can't Agree On What Color Her Shoes Are & It's Hilarious

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Billie Eilish fans are debating about the color of her kicks, and it's honestly the most hilarious thing.

The “Bad Guy” singer has been trying to convince her followers that her pair of Nike Air sneakers are not a particular color, and it’s “The Dress” controversy all over again.

Taking to her Instagram Stories with close-up shots of her Nikes last night (October 18), Eilish jokingly dismissed her father’s claim that her shoes looked “pink and white.” In one video, the 18-year-old's mom even claimed, "I see pink, green, and white.”

Here’s the thing, though: They do look pink and white—and most fans would agree.

However, as Eilish passionately claims, any sneakerhead can tell the difference between white and “uptempo mint green.” The “No Time To Die” musician made her case by bringing the shoe in question outside with an actual “white” shoe to prove her followers wrong. (Side-by-side photos below.)

“You think those are the same f—king colors?” Eilish jokingly exclaims in the clip. “Is that really what you f—king think? … How is it pink? How is this pink, dude?”

We’re not gonna lie, looking at the shoe compared to the other “white” shoe, Eilish makes a pretty strong argument. The shoe does appear to be tinged with a hint of green, but who really knows?!

Before signing off for the night, Eilish quipped, “We all know that I’m right here. Even if you see something else, you know that I’m right. Let me have this.”

Do you see pink and white or pink, green and white? Share your best guesses with us in the comments.

Photo: Getty Images for iHeartRadio

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