YUNGBLUD Live Debuts Songs Off New Album 'Weird!' During Digital Concert

Even though YUNGBLUD couldn't see fans face-to-face in crowded venues across the globe, he wanted to make sure his fans could still experience his music with live stream performances.

In typical YUNGBLUD fashion, he didn't just announce one live stream show, but an entire digital tour to help fans really feel like they were getting the full experience of a live show.

“I just wanted to resonate with the idea that just because we can’t touch each other, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel each other,” he told iHeartRadio. “I feel more connected to my fanbase than ever right now. We’re so tight and we’re so strong right now. I just wanted to provide a show in their living rooms that’s loud and rock ‘n’ roll!”

Just like an IRL tour, YUNGBLUD has been hitting up select cities across the globe including London, New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, and Los Angeles on the Weird Times Of Life Digital Tour in partnership with Moment House.

“I thought Moment House was brilliant, I loved their ideas! I loved how they wanted to work with me because I didn’t want to just do just one live show — I’ve done that. I did that with The YUNGBLUD Show,” he told iHeartRadio. “As always, I wanted to do something different and something individual.’

YUNGBLUD's digital tour has made its way to the US and he kicked off the Stateside shows "in” New York on Monday (November 30) with an incredible performance. “New York, We have missed you so f*cking much,” YUNGBLUD screamed during his set. “I wish we were there with you right now. I hope you love the album as much as I loved writing it.”

Since Dom had to push back his album, fans were treated to the very first live performances of songs from his new album, Weird!, including the tracks “Mars,” “It's Quiet In Beverly Hills,” and “Teresa.”

“It was such a moment; I was kind of getting nervous when I was watching them even though some of the songs aren’t out yet,” he told us. “It’s legitimately like I’m releasing a song because you’re used to hearing your fanbase’s reaction for the first time. It was amazing.”

Before performing his newest song, “Mars,” YUNGBLUD made sure to let his fans know how special the track is to him. “This song is so f*cking important because I wrote it about one of you,” he said. “One of you told me a story that I will never forget.” As Dom has previously explained, the song was inspired by a Trans fan who opened up about her life to the singer after a gig. 

As for another new track, “It's Quiet In Beverly Hills,” Dom said the song is a “story about feeling really really lost and surrounding yourself with people you don't have your best interest at heart.” He ended his set with the opening track off the new album, “Teresa.”

Weird Times Of Life Digital Tour Setlist:

“Strawberry Lipstick”

“Ice Cream Man”



“Cotton Candy”

“It's Quiet In Beverly Hills”


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Photo: Adrianna Casiano For iHeartRadio