Justin Bieber Went On 'Shark Tank' To Take Off His Shirt & Endorse A Chair

Justin Bieber and ABC’s Shark Tank collided on Friday (January 8) when the pop superstar co-signed an ergonomic office chair.

In the episode, CEO Bing Howenstein pitched his shot at gaining funding for his company ALL33 and used a pre-recorded message from the chart-topper to try and gain co-signs from Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, among the others. "Hey Sharks, I'm Justin Bieber and this is the ALL33; it's the chair that moves like I do," the pop star said in a pre-recorded clip. "I mean, guys, look at this perfect posture! I've got my chest up, my shoulders back, I'm ready for anything. If you've gotta sit, this is it."

He even went as far as admitting that he can shoot a basketball from the chair and do a "full ab workout" while sitting down to prove his point. However, Howenstein's pitch wasn't successful and the Sharks ended up passing on his request for a half-million dollars in exchange for 2.5 percent of his company.

As per their website, the "ALL33’s Patented Sit In Motion® Technology gives you optimal lumbar support while effectively moving all 33 of your vertebrae for unsurpassed spinal wellness." The item is priced at a whopping $799, so you can imagine what kind of investment it is.

Click here to watch Bieber's episode of Shark Tank in full!

Photo: Getty Images