Camila Cabello Responds After Being Body-Shamed For Viral Bikini Photos

Camila Cabello thanked followers for supporting her after recent photos of her wearing a bikini went viral.

Camilizers were out in full force to show love and support for the “Never Be the Same” songbird a few days ago when new images of the superstar drew the attention of body shamers.

Published by Us Weekly, the photos show Cabello, sporting a high-waisted blue tie-dye bikini, at a beach in Miami with her longtime boyfriend Shawn Mendes. (See the snaps here.)

Sadly, some online users made nasty comments about the “Havana” superstar’s body and physical appearance in the photos, and for obvious reasons, we’re not disseminating that sort of toxicity here.

Fortunately, it’s true what they say about love: it truly does conquer all. Camila took notice of the kind messages and responded with a message of gratitude.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Friday (June 4), the musician wrote: “Thank u for the love yesterday and today, i love y’all.”

Camilizers from around the world took to social media to drown out the hate with loving, assuring messages.

“I absolutely adore camila. she went out on a beautiful day to the beach with a bikini on and owned it. she doesn’t care about your opinion on her body. she feels good and looks good. now that is POWER,” one fan said of the 24-year-old’s appearance in the snaps.

Another supporter added: “YOU’RE A BEAUTIFUL NORMAL HUMAN WOMAN BEING, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US FLESHY BEINGS! This is normal, girls. Please follow the lead of real beauty and truth. Not superficial ideas that are unrealistic, dangerous & manipulating.”

Cabello has previously spoken about her struggles with her body image in the past — see what she said here.

Photo: Getty Images