Bar Under Fire For Selling T-Shirt Advocating Anti-Gay Violence

Photo: Getty Images

Eagle's Nest, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is appropriately under fire for selling T-shirts that advocate for violence against the LGBTQ community.

As per NBC News, the bar in Wyoming sold shirts that read: "In Wyoming, we have a cure for AIDS, we shoot f*cking f*ggots." The text was paired with a visual of a man with a pistol aimed at the viewer. While the venue's owner, Raymon Berezuik, did not return a request for comment, he told The Cheyenne Post on Monday (July 12) that the T-shirts were sold out and he doesn't plan on selling anymore. "[I am] in the bar business, not the apparel business," he reportedly said.

LGBTQ advocacy group Wyoming Equality shared a photo of one of the T-shirts on Facebook without naming the bar, prompting widespread criticism. "We are sad to say that we failed to convince a local bar to pull these shirts from circulation," the post read. "We hoped that they would choose to stop selling them when they realized the harm it did to the LGBTQ community and those living with AIDS."

Meanwhile, Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon, who is a Republican, slammed the bar in a statement to Casper Star-Tribune. "It's incredibly disheartening to learn that any business would offer a product for sale with a message like this," he said. "This hurtful rhetoric is not reflective of our state’s values, and does nothing but promote hate and division."

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