PRIDE Radio World Premiere: "FIERCE" Kicking Off Trans-Awareness Campaign

PRIDE Radio is proud to be the exclusive audio launch partner for the new song "FIERCE" with Ultra Naté, Angelica Ross, and Mila Jam, produced by Grammy-award winner Anthony Preston/A2. Anthony has produced chart-topping hits for Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and more, and he's calling on the biggest LGBTQ+ influencers, community leaders and allies to come together to support and celebrate the trans community.

The Fierce Project is much more than the song - it educates and informs by merging pop culture and social justice in an easily digestible manner. Music and entertainment, especially in the digital era, provide a powerful platform to connect with and inspire the world. Anthony Preston, the project creator and lead, states “The Fierce Project aims to celebrate the trans community through song while educating and calling and end to pandemic levels of violence committed against them.” It’s in the song lyrics - “Music is a judgment-free zone,” where “Love will conquer all.”

To that end: The Fierce Project is all-inclusive and invites everyone without regard to gender, sexual orientation, race and/or religion to be free to be Fierce!

“Fierce” premieres on Friday, February 10th in an unprecedented partnership with GRINDR – where every app user will land on the “Fierce” page and be directed to view the Music Video or listen to the song on PRIDE Radio on iHeartRadio. It will be played at the start of every hour on PRIDE Radio on Friday and is added into their new music rotation immediately.

The music video features a roll call of the biggest LGBTQ+ influencers, community leaders and allies like Brandy, Kalen Allen, Sara Kate Ellis, Muni Long, Gabrielle Union, Tina Knowles-Lawson and more. The video is directed by Frank Gatson (Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, En Vogue).

The project boast support from The Pop Culture Collaborative (Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors) and Lyft, and a significant portion of the proceeds raised will be gifted to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, and GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program.

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