Ruby Rose Returns To Instagram After Sharing 'Confusing' Birthday Message

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Photo: NBCUniversal

Ruby Rose shared a message to Instagram in the hours leading up to her 37th birthday that fans found concerning and confusing. According to TMZ, the Orange Is The New Black actress said that she would be logging off social media until March 21st, mentioning that her birthday has never been a day of celebration.

"Logging off until the 21st. If you have followed me for long enough you know I don't acknowledge tomorrow. I don't celebrate that day. That day has never been a celebration. Some have tried but it was never a celebration at the time, and nor is it now. So please leave it for me this year."

She deleted the story soon after posting it, and fans were worried that she had "vanished." Hours after announcing her social media leave on Instagram, Rose posted a video to her story. The post was in support of The Lost Dog's Home, an animal shelter located in Melbourne, Australia. Rose can be seen playing with one of the puppies, encouraging followers to adopt from animal shelters if they are in need of a furry friend. Rose has not posted anything else in regards to the message that was shared on Sunday.

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