PRIDE Radio News Minute - May 1, 2023

Pride Flag and Trans Flag

Photo: Getty Images

Trans Montana House Representative Zooey Zephyr filed a lawsuit with the ACLU against the legislature that banned her from being on the House floor because she spoke out against anti-trans legislation. The lawsuit alleges that actions taken against her are a violation of her own First Amendment Rights along with those of the 11,000 people she represents in her district.

After Disney sued over their own First Amendment rights last week regarding Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill, the new governor-appointed Reedy Creek board has voted to countersue Disney, looking to “uphold and enforce the boards legislative findings relating to the February development agreement and declaration of restrictive covenants.”

A new Gallup poll shows that LGBTQ identification by generation has skyrocketed among Gen Z and Millennials when compared to prior generations. Gen X’ers identify as LGBTQ at a rate of 4.2% with Millenials at 10.5%. Gen Z nearly doubles that, with 20.8% identifying as LGBTQ.

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