PRIDE Radio News Minute - May 8, 2023

Pennsylvania Welcomes You road sign

Photo: Getty Images

Legislators in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives passed the “Fairness Act”, a bill that would amend the 1955 Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination at work, in education and housing. The bill moves onto the State Senate where it is expected to pass.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has signed into law “The Trans Health Equity Act” which will mandate Medicare coverage for gender-affirming care. That would require Medicare to pay for trans healthcare including surgery.

The KindRED Pride Foundation has launched a new “Flock To Florida” campaign to remind LGBTQ+ visitors to the state that now is not the time to boycott the state as as that would hurt the LGBTQ+ community that lives and works in the state and relies on the tourism industry. The KindRED Pride Foundation works with One Magical Weekend, a partner with PRIDE Radio.

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is speaking out on behalf of Florida’s LGBTQ+ community and pledges to wear a rainbow helmet this weekend in the race in South Florida.

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