PRIDE Radio News Minute - May 17, 2023

Florida Governor Desantis's Address To Republican Party Of Wisconsin Draws Pro-Trump Protesters

Photo: Getty Images

Florida Republican Gov Ron DeSantis signed four anti-LGBTQ bills into law that criminalize gender-affirming care, threaten drag performances and restrict expression of art at Pride festivals, expands the Don’t Say Gay bill through 12th grade, and an anti-trans bathroom bill that requires a person to use the bathroom for their gender assigned at birth.

Florida’s Escambia School District is being sued by writers’ group PEN America, Penguin Random House Publishers, authors, and parents for removing 10 books from library shelves that contain racial and LGBTQ+ themes. The lawsuit states that the removals are due to the complaints of one teacher in the county and even though review committees deemed them educationally suitable, the school board still voted to remove them.

The Chinese Government has forced the Beijing LGBT Center to cease operation on Monday in the latest crackdown against the LGBTQ community in China. The center had been operating for 15 years, and now leaves LGBTQ people with few resources.

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