PRIDE Radio News Minute - May 18, 2023

Empty Los Angeles Dodgers baseball stadium viewed from Elysian Park

Photo: Getty Images

The LA Dodgers have caved to pressure from Conservative Groups and the Catholic Church after announcing that The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence would be receiving an award for their charity work at the ball club’s Pride Night. The LA Dodgers have now uninvited the Sisters saying the ‘inclusion’ of the group upset some people. There is now a growing chorus of voices demanding that all LGBTQ+ organizations pull their support from the Dodgers’ Pride Night.

A digital roadwork sign near Lake Nona in Orlando, FL had been tampered with to display the message “KILL ALL GAYS”. The Orlando Sheriff’s office was alerted and are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Washington DC is preparing for their Capital Pride celebration coming up June 10 and 11 announcing that Broadway star Idina Menzel is joining headlining talent Shanice and Debbie Gibson for their iconic concert event on Pennsylvania in front of the Capitol Building. The Capital Pride Concert is free to attend.

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