PRIDE News: Target Targets Pride, Orlando Fights Back, Gay Men Robbed In NY

Target Retail Store. Target Sells Home Goods, Clothing and Electronics VI

Photo: Getty Images

The Orlando location of the Hamburger Mary’s chain of drag-themed restaurants has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because of the newly passed law that limits drag shows when children are present. The restaurant says the new law has already caused them harm and lost customers since they’ve had to stop allowing children into their weekly Sunday family-friendly drag performances.

The New York City Police Department is investigating another suspected drug-induced robbery targeting men visiting gay bars. This time a man says he was drugged and robbed of $5,000 after visiting The Eagle in Chelsea. Police say there have been no charges filed yet in this latest case and they continue to investigate.

Target is now conceding to conservatives regarding it’s Pride collection of clothing going so far as to remove certain articles of clothing like  a bathing suit designed for pre-surgery trans people and some stores are even moving their Pride section to the back of the store in some southern states.

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