LEGO Boycott, CDC Reports Fewer HIV Infections, Kylie Minogue Is "Satanic"

Lego's "Everyone is Awesome" Rainbow-Colored Figurines Set Draws Criticism From Conservatives

Photo: Getty Images

LEGO is the latest company to be targeted by a conservative boycott over their “A-Z of Awesome” campaign, which includes the “Everyone Is Awesome” Pride themed LEGO set that was released several years ago. Far-right influencers bombarded social media with homophobic messages claiming that LEGO was indoctrinating children into trans culture. The international toy company stands by their product and campaign and in fact, lowered the price on their Everyone Is Awesome set at

The CDC is reporting that there were 32,000 new HIV infections in 2021, a drop of 12% from 2017. During the same time, infections among 13-24 year olds dropped 34%. While a lot of that drop can be attributed to the pandemic and social distancing measures, much can also be attributed to a rise in the use of PrEP, the medication that can prevent HIV infection.

According to the Daily Mail, Kylie Minogue is being accused of satanic messaging in her videos and in the artwork for her new album ‘Tension’. She’s also being accused of being part of the illuminati. They just haven’t heard "Padam Padam" yet. They’ll come around. Hear from Kylie herself in our PRIDE Radio Exclusive interview.

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