NEWS: Starbucks in hot water, trans ban at White House, Brandi Honored

Starbucks cafe interior - empty cafeteria behind glass wall

Photo: Getty Images

Hot on the heels of Target removing PRIDE displays in their stores, now Starbucks workers across the country are reporting that their managers have told them they are not allowed to decorate for Pride Month, instructing employees to remove them from the store. The Starbucks employee Union is denouncing the move claiming that Starbucks is caving to pressure from conservative groups like Target and Bud Light. Starbucks issued a statement saying they are not requiring stores to take down Pride decorations and will remain an unwavering supporter of the LGBTQ2IA+ community.

A trans influencer was banned from The White House after going topless at the administration’s Pride Month event last weekend. A White House Spokesperson said that the “behavior was inappropriate and disrespectful for any event at the White House.”

Brandi Carlisle is being presented with the Elton John Impact Award this year for her humanitarian work with the Looking Out Foundation. You can see the presentation of the award on Can’t Cancel Pride on demand through June 30th at

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