NEWS: Michigan City Bans Pride Flag, Girl Called Trans, Church Grindr


Photo: Getty Images

The city council in Hamtramck, Michigan has banned the pride flag from being flown on any city property. The council voted unanimously on the resolution and also prohibits the display of flags with racist or political views. The council said their decision was because LGBTQ+ people are already represented. They also said that while LGBTQ+ people continue to be welcome in the city, they need to respect religious freedom.

A man verbally attacked and heckled a fourth grader at a school track & field event in Canada, accusing the 9 year old girl of being transgender. After the girl’s parent shouted back that their daughter was a girl, the heckler repeated the claim that “she’s a girl” using air quotes. The heckler than began to accuse the parents of being groomers and pedophiles. The man is denying his behavior and the Canadian Royal Mounted Police are investigating the incident.

The Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia is under fire after allegations he was using Grindr to meet up with other men surfaced in a report from a conservative newspaper which contained screenshots that appear to show the archbishop’s image along with explicit messages. The Greek Orthodox Church has launched an internal investigation. The church still considers homosexuality to be a sin and would disordain him if found to be true.

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