NEWS: San Diego Police Say Gay Man Lied About Being Set On Fire

Downtown San Diego skyline in California, USA

Photo: Getty Images

San Diego Police say a gay man lied about being set on fire by two people yelling homophobic slurs after new video evidence surfaced showing that the man had attacked a pregnant woman first who then set him on fire in self-defense. It’s unclear if the man will be charged for the attack and false police report.

A gay black couple in Toledo, Ohio are accusing Bed Bath & Beyond of racially profiling them after police were allegedly alerted to potential shoplifting because they had several high-priced items in their shopping cart during the store’s closing sale. The couple says store management had removed some of the items from their cart to hold behind the counter. Bed Bath & Beyond says they are “deeply concerned” about the alleged incident and are investigating.

And the authors of the children’s book “And Tango Makes Three” about a pair of gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo are suing Florida’s Lake County School District for removing their book from library shelves. The plaintiff’s claim the book violates the First Amendment rights of both the authors and children who want to read the book.

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