NEWS: AG's Set Sights On Target, NC Gov Vetos Anti-Trans Bills

Businesses Across U.S. Weave Pride Themes Into Marketing Campaigns

Photo: Getty Images

Seven Republican Attorney Generals, led by Indiana have sent a letter to Target advising the company that their Pride displays violate laws in their states that “protect children from harmful content meant to sexualize them and prohibit gender transitions of children.” The letter makes several strange accusations including that Target was selling “Satanist-inspired” clothing.

This week, North Carolina’s Democratic Governor vetoed three anti-trans bills that had been passed by Republicans in the State House and Senate. The bills would ban gender-affirming care for minors, ban trans athletes in school sports, and their own version of the Don’t Say Gay bill, banning discussions about gender and sexuality in classrooms. Republicans hold large majorities and will likely override the governor’s vetoes.

Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has removed LGBTQ+ Youth resource information from state websites which included an online support group for teens. The resources had been a source of right-wing headlines and talking points over the past few weeks. The governor’s spokesperson said they were removed in line with their Parental Right’s plans.

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