NEWS: Hair Salon Bans Gays/Trans, Texas Judge Cites SCOTUS To Ban Weddings

Hair salon. Coloring.

Photo: Alex_Doubovitsky / iStock / Getty Images

Citing the recent Supreme Court ruling for the fake web designer that didn’t want to make a wedding website for a non-existent gay couple, a hair salon owner in Traverse City, Michigan has announced she will not service trans or gay people in her shop and suggested if they want a haircut that they should go to a pet groomer instead. The haircare supplier for her shop, Jack Winn Pro, pulled all their product from the shop and barred their use by the owner.

A judge in Texas is also citing that recent Supreme Court ruling as the reason she’s renewing her own lawsuit against the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for publicly warning her when she refused to perform same-sex marriages in 2019. Her suit was tossed out in 2021, but the Texas Supreme Court has said it will hear arguments on reviving the lawsuit.

An LGBT pride event was cancelled in Indonesia after religious rights groups pressured the community to deny a permit to the ASEAN Queer Advocacy Week set to take place in Jakarta next week. The event organizers have moved the event outside Indonesia and are not disclosing the location due to security concerns.

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