House GOP Denys Fed Funding To LGBTQ Orgs; CA Bans Travel To 26 States.

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Photo: Douglas Rissing / iStock / Getty Images

Republicans in the House Appropriations Committee voted along party lines to deny federal funding to three LGBTQ organizations: two in the Philadelphia area and one in Boston. According to Pennsylvania Rep Brendan Boyle, the three Community Projects were singled out simply because they had LGBTQ or LGBT in their names, which he calls “cruel” and “blatantly discriminatory.”

California’s Attorney General has banned state-funded travel to three more states as of Friday. Travel to Missouri, Nebraska and Wyoming is now restricted because those states support discrimination against LGBTQ+ Americans. Under a bill passed in 2016, California now bans state-funded travel to more than half of all U.S. States, 26 in total.

Several large retailers in the UK have added the Mx title to online customer forms in an effort to include non-binary customers after an online petition circulated last summer gained over 12,000 signatures.

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