Florida Judge Expands Drag Queen Ruling; Board Of Ed Blocks Trans Rights

Drag queen

Photo: Maica / E+ / Getty Images

A Federal Judge in Florida denied a motion that his injunction allowing drag performers at Hamburger Mary’s only be limited to the restaurant. The judge stated that Florida’s statute against drag queens is facially unconstitutional and his injunction must extend to protect all Floridians.

At the same time, the Florida Board of Education adopted new rules that prohibits transgender students and staff from using the restroom that aligns with their gender identity. The board also expanded ant-LGBTQ censorship to include extracurricular activities and are barring students from having their pronouns respected. The new rules also prohibit the teaching of LGBTQ+ history.

A group of parents in Montgomery County, Maryland are holding a rally against the school board there under the guise of Religious Freedom to protest a policy that doesn’t allow students in that county to opt-out of lessons on gender and LGBTQ+ history.

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