Michigan Court Sets New Custody Rules; YouTuber Comes Out As Trans

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The Michigan Supreme Court has made a landmark ruling in a case of a woman seeking custody of her ex-partner’s child who was born before their relationship ended and before same-sex marriage was legalized. She has no biological ties but helped raise him when he was born in 2008. She says she and her partner would have been married if it was allowed at the time. Even after their relationship ended, they continued co-parenting until her ex demanded she stop having contact with the child in 2017. She may now seek custody through her home county court in Kalamazoo.

A friend and long-time contributor of YouTuber MrBeast has come out as a trans woman, revealing her new name and pronouns. Kris Tyson joined Anthony Padilla to talk about her journey, the support she’s had from MrBeast fans and of course the challenges she’s faced from some of those same fans. Kris says she is still part of the MrBeast YouTube team and would like to make more videos with him.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law Monday which completely bans any medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person or a person’s gender in official documents and public records. The only exception is for genetic anomalies. The law also bans trans people from fostering or adopting children and annuls any marriages where someone has changed gender.

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