Vanderbilt Sued By Trans Patients; Attorney Sex Abuse Claims; Heartstopper

Tennessee welcome sign at Sam's Gap on Interstate 26

Photo: Joel Carillet / iStock / Getty Images

Transgender clinic patients who used Vanderbilt University Medical center are suing the hospital for turning over their records to the Tennessee Attorney General. Two patients say their right to privacy was violated when Vanderbilt handed over 100 patient records to the Attorney General’s office who said they were investigating fraud and not individual patients, even though Tennessee has led the charge in anti-trans legislation.

A trans attorney on TikTok claims to have tracked over 1,200 child sexual abuse cases to try and determine just who is to blame for these heinous crimes. Out of those, just one quarter of 1%, 3 people to be exact, are transgender. Meanwhile, 104 are pastors, 37 are priests, 17 are Republican politicians, 3 are Democrats. None were drag queens.

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