Gay Man Killed In Brooklyn, Montana Drag Ban Paused, Teacher Fired For Drag

Taxis on The Brooklyn Bridge at sunset in New York

Photo: Tim Robberts / Stone / Getty Images

A gay man was fatally stabbed in New York after he was dancing with friends at a Brooklyn gas station Saturday night. Four men were dancing shirtless while filling up their car when another group of men confronted them. A fight broke out and one of the four was stabbed. The victim was identified as O’Shea Sibley, a professional ballroom dancer. His assailant said he attacked him because his dancing was offensive to his Muslim faith. Police are investigating as a possible anti-gay hate crime.

Another state’s drag ban has been blocked in another ruling for First Amendment Rights – this time in Montana as a Federal Judge has temporarily blocked a law that would have banned ‘drag story hours’ in libraries and “sexually oriented shows” on public property. The Judge said the law would “likely disproportionately harm not only drag performers, but any person who falls outside traditional gender and identity norms.”

Two teachers at a Texas Christian school were fired after attending a drag show at Hamburger Mary’s in Houston. After posting that they were there on social media, the school contacted the teachers to let them know they had been fired. A school official referred to a morality clause as the reason.

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