NEWS: The College Board Has A Florida Problem; Google Searches Get "Gay"


Photo: SERGIO FLORES / AFP / Getty Images

The College Board said that Florida has effectively banned AP Psychology classes in the state because the course covers sexual orientation and gender identity. The Florida Department of Education said AP Psychology is in violation of the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. AP classes can earn college credit, but only if they’re taught intact as the College Board requires.

A new analysis by the Cultural Current Institute found that Google searches by users for the phrases “Am I gay”, “Am I lesbian” and other sexuality and gender identity searches have increased by 1,300% since 2004. Just since last May, Utah is the state with the highest volume of searches.

A lower court ruling has been upheld in federal appeals court that allows trans students in Indiana to have access to the bathrooms and locker rooms that best match with their own gender identities. The opinion said the US Supreme Court will likely step in to hear the case.

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