NEWS: ACLU Sues Texas, Doc Leaves New Orleans, OK Defines 'Male & Female'

Los Angeles Holds Its Annual Pride Parade

Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The American Civil Liberties Union announced they are suing the State of Texas to stop their ban on drag performances set to take effect on September 1. They argue that drag and other forms of artistic expression are protected under the First Amendment. Similar laws in other states like Florida and Tennessee have already been paused.

NBC reports that one of only three pediatric heart surgeons is leaving the state of Louisiana because he feels the state has targeted his family because he is gay. As Louisiana has passed anti-LGBTQ legislation, Dr. Jake Kleinmahon said he’s leaving New Orleans and moving to Long Island, NY. His hospital in Louisiana is the only pediatric heart transplant center in the state.

The governor of Oklahoma has directed state agencies to use specific narrow definitions of ‘male and female’ when collecting statistics and forces schools to label locker rooms and bathrooms as “boys” and “girls” exclusively. They dubbed the bill the “Women’s Bill of Rights”. The signing was attended by the anti-trans group Independent Women’s Voice including swimmer Riley Gaines.

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