NEWS: Book Ban Updates + Straight Couple Denied Foster For Anti-LGBTQ Views

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Photo: Евгения Матвеец / Moment / Getty Images

Lake County Schools in Florida have reversed an earlier decision to ban the gay penguin book “And Tango Makes Three”, based on the real-life story of two male penguins that adopted an egg and raised it as their own. The book was banned originally due to the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” Law. A new clarification from the Florida Department of Education said the law does not apply to school libraries, but only in-class instruction.

In a similar case, a public library in Mississippi has removed the popular “Heartstopper” series of graphic novels due to some complaints during a community meeting. The book series spawned the popular Netflix series and follows the love story between two teenage boys. They could be returned to shelves pending a final ruling from the library’s board of supervisors.

A married straight couple in Massachusetts say they were denied becoming foster parents because of their anti-LGBTQ views. A social worker reported that the wife said “let’s take the T out of it” when referring to how they would treat a child in their care who might be struggling with their gender identity. The couple also said they had been to a ‘gay wedding’ before and would likely attend their child’s wedding if they were gay.

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