NEWS: Maryland School Respects Student Rights; HRC Survey; Mexican TV Wins

Maryland State Flag Waving In the Breeze

Photo: WilliamSherman / E+ / Getty Images

A Federal Appeals Court has shot down the argument from a group of parents that they should be told by Montgomery County Schools in Maryland if their child identifies as transgender or nonbinary. The policy that went into effect in 2020 lets schools develop a gender support plan for any student who might be exploring their gender identity. The judge said the parents lacked standing in the suit because they did not have transgender children.

A new report from the Human Rights Campaign says that 54% of LGBTQ+ youth feel unsafe at school. That’s on top of the 46% of all students who say the same. LGBTQ+ youth said they felt most unsafe in school bathrooms and locker rooms.

History was made on Mexican TV over the weekend as a social media influencer became the first trans woman ever to win a Mexican reality TV competition. Wendy Guevara won Mexico’s version of Celebrity Big Brother with more than 18 million fan votes, beating out two other finalists.

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