NEWS UPDATE: Anti-LGBTQ Bills In NC; Group Sues Target; Blogger Convicted

North Carolina State Flag

Photo: BSPollard / iStock / Getty Images

Three anti-LGBTQ bills that were vetoed in North Carolina by Democratic governor Roy Cooper have been overridden by the state’s Republican House and Senate. These bills ban gender-affirming care for minors, ban trans girls from competing in girls’ sports, and bans instruction on gender identity or sexuality in grades K-4, much like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. All three bills go into effect immediately.

An Anti-LGBTQ group named America First Legal Foundation is suing Target over shareholder losses due to the backlash surrounding their own right-wing boycotts of the retailer over their annual Pride Month displays. They claim Target misled investors when they said they were monitoring business risks.

A trans Russian blogger has been convicted of spreading LGBTQ Propaganda online. She allegedly did this by detailing her daily life as a trans woman and providing details about her transition on her blog. She was also convicted of criticizing the Russian army on the Telegram messaging app. She has 60 days to pay steep fines or face additional discipline.

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