PRIDE News 1/2/24 - Trans Care in Ohio, Estonia Same-Sex Marriage, and CNN

Handheld Transgender Pride Flag at Bristol Trans Rights March

Photo: Nicky Ebbage / iStock / Getty Images

In a surprise decision, Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine vetoed a ban on gender-affirming care for trans youth after visiting with trans youth and their families. He said who else knows best how to provide care for children than their own parents.

The first former Soviet republic has legalized same-sex marriage. The country of Estonia had had civil unions since 2016, but as of January 1, new legislation went into effect that allows full same-sex marriage protections. Officials say they believe the first marriages will take place by early February.

CNN rang in the new year with their annual broadcast featuring Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, and right at the stroke of midnight, the first kiss of the New Year shown on their broadcast was a same-sex couple. As you might expect, bigots complained almost immediately across social networks, however most were celebrating the embrace.

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