PRIDE News 1/4/24 - Uganda Out, VA Marriage Laws, FL Trans Laws

Pride In London 2023 – Parade

Photo: Peter Nicholls / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

President Joe Biden has removed Uganda from being eligible to participate in the U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act because of that country’s Anti-Homosexual Act passed last year. The decision was announced on December 29th and took effect January 1st.

Lawmakers in Virginia have introduced new resolutions that would remove a constitutional amendment in that state that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. That amendment, added by voters in 2006, is moot since same-sex marriage has been legal in Virginia since 2014.

A anti-trans bill has been filed in the Florida legislature titled “Biological Sex” that would force driver’s licenses to replace the term “Gender” with “Sex”, legally limit choices to male or female as assigned at birth. The law would also force insurance companies that cover reassignment surgery to also cover de-transition treatment.

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