PRIDE News 1/9/24 - First Gay Prime Minister; Maryland Trans Care Expands


Photo: LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP / Getty Images

France has its first openly gay prime minister. Gabriel Attal is also France’s youngest prime minister as President Emmanuel Macron is looking to reset his administration’s second term and reinvigorate his party’s policies, some of which have been unpopular. Macron and Attal are expected to name their new government leaders soon.

Thanks to the Trans Health Equity Act that went into effect on January 1, Maryland has expanded gender-affirming healthcare that’s covered by Medicaid. The state’s program covers hair alteration, voice modification surgery, top surgery and more.

A report last month from the Williams Institute showed that Washington DC has the largest percentage overall of LGBTQ+ residents among its population at 14.5%. In total numbers, California leads with the largest number of LGBTQ+ adults at 1.5 million, followed by Texas and Florida.

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